Jai Chitod Movie Details and Songs List

Movie Name :

Jai Chitod

Release Year :


Casting :

Nirupa Roy ,Raj Kumar ,Madhumati ,Indira Bansal,Shyam Kumar

Movie Director :

Jaswant Zaveri

Production :

Rajani Chibra

Music Director :

S. N. Tripathi

Release Date :


Jai Chitod was released in the year 1961, directed by Jaswant Zaveri. This movie was produced by Rajani Chibra, and the music was composed by S. N. Tripathi,,. Jai Chitod has Nirupa Roy, Raj Kumar and Madhumati as main lead actors. Please click on links on the actor/music director to have a look at the other movies they have acted in.

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